Frederica Chapman


I am a grandmother, theater director, poet, author, yoga practitioner, Masters-prepared psychiatric nurse, sound healer, and dreamer. For 15 years, I held a psychotherapy practice based on the dream work of Carl Jung. Wanting to pursue my own dreams, in my 40's, I abandoned my clinical practice and chose an unchartered path. At the spiritual community of Findhorn in northern Scotland. I created and produced masks of the elements of nature. Invited to perform at the U.N. "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro, I danced the masks of earth, and water. Returning to the US, I founded and directed a multigenerational theater company of 7 women. Together, we developed and performed a work entitled, ”Dancing A Woman’s Story of God” which paid tribute to nature and the feminine spirit in our world.

Throughout my adult life, I have been called toward sound and the vibration of people and things. As a sound practitioner, for healing, I gave back the sounds heard around peoples' field of energy. I studied sound from several schools and masters. The soaring music of the twelfth century abbess, Hildegard von Bingen, enriched the early performances of Theater for the Earth, and gained us invitations to churches and cathedrals in Europe and the US (including the Washington National Cathedral). 

To foster a more compassionate world in which the feminine is accepted, children are protected, and nature is revered for its life-giving force and beauty has been the thrust of my work. After 10 years of touring and performing with what had evolved into  “Theater for the Earth”, I relinquished the company and, alone, toured and performed shows for nature in Europe. Returning to my home in Maine in 2014, a profound dream moved me, once-again, to re-establish the vision of a Theater for the Earth.

Art, expressed from the soul, affects people at deep levels of the psyche. As enthusiastic artists working together, we offer story and music as prayers in our performances–prayers that express our human spiritual connection to Earth.


Past works I have written, directed, and produced for international conferences, churches, cathedrals, and universities pave the way for the renewal of Theater for the Earth. They include:

·      An invitational performance of environmental work for “The Earth Summit”, Rio de Janeiro, 1992.

·      An invitational performance for the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago, 1993.

·      A Woman’s Story of God”, performed by Veronica Sacred Arts with the music of Hildegard von Bingen, from 1994 to 2005, performed in Ireland, Wales, and the US–including at the Washington National Cathedral.

·      Stories, Songs, and Poems of Nature”, performed in Wales and France, 2010-2012.

.      The Tree; Dreaming the Fullness of Being”, invitational solo performance at University of New England, Portland, Maine, 2014. 

Churches and cathedrals draw fewer numbers today than in the past, and their costs increase. Many turn to concerts and performances for added revenue. Ever since my first company toured in Ireland, I have made a practice of sending our music in advance of our arrival, so that community singers could prepare their voices to join in our performances. It has been my way of “scattering seeds”– including and inspiring local singers first hand with the spirit of joy that our performances bring.