Chants that were created hundreds of years ago, have not changed, nor has their power to effect consciousness. Hildegard von Bingen's inspirational hymns, original works, Rumi poetry, and  Gregorian chants are among the exhilarating pieces that made up our joyful presentations. We invited local singers
to rehearse with us to create chant choirs. In the past, we have had as many as 22 voices in our choirs — wonderful for the nature of ritual celebration, and for the building of community as we move from place to place! Our audiences have been comprised of children, parents, grandparents, teachers and earth lovers who appreciate Nature's beauty, and who are drawn to enter the magic of a greening celebration! 


Theater for the Earth began its journey with celebrated performances at the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992, and the Parliament of the World’s Religions in 1993. An intergenerational company of performers ages 9-77,   The company has since toured to churches in Ireland, Wales, the US, and to cathedrals such as the Washington National Cathedral. 


Our vision is to establish a new form of theater, and offer gatherings to celebrate earth.