Frederica Chapman, Founder, Author, Masks

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A Masters-prepared psychiatric nurse, sound healer, poet, author, grandmother, theater director, yoga & Tai Chi practitioner, and through it all/due to it all, guided by my dreams. For 15 years, I held a psychotherapy practice based on the dream work of Carl Jung. However, with my own dreams insisting that I perform for the feminine and nature in churches, I left clinical practice, and in my 40’s, chose an uncharted path. I journeyed to the spiritual community of Findhorn in northern Scotland where, purposefully, my life course redirected. 

Past works I have written, directed, produced and performed for international conferences, churches, cathedrals, and universities:

· The Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, 1992: invitational mask performances: Water and Sun. 

· Parliament of the World’s Religions, Chicago, 1993: invitational performance of original fairy tale with masks and company of women, “In the Mud of the River”.

· Founder/Director Veronica Woman’s Theaterperformed “A Woman’s Story of God:a fairy tale of the feminine with the music of Hildegard von Bingen, toured Ireland, Wales, and US — including the Washington National Cathedral, 2004-2113.

· “Stories, Songs, and Poems of Nature”: solo performances Wales and France, 2010-2012.

The Tree; Dreaming the Fullness of Being”: invitational solo performance at University of New England, Portland, Maine, 2014.