Our Team

Our Team

Gabriela Laham, Administrative Assistant and Actor

I come to Theater For The Earth from my country of Argentina. I have traveled to many places–to China, Turkey, and many European and Latin American countries, and speak many languages. I love different cultures–I love connecting with different people. I am a master massage therapist, healer, Life Coach, and hold a B.A. in Education. I have decades of experience leading energy healing, and movement groups. Recently, I felt ready for something new. When I learned about Frederica’s work, I really liked it. I was inspired. I realized I could channel my energy for the nurturance of Mother Earth and all her people. It was a true direction for what I valued. It felt right to work toward gathering intercultural women dancers/actors to create a “world woman” to speak for the feminine in all people. It is exciting to imagine making theater and celebrating our planet’s water!


Catie Trombley GarciaDevelopment Assistant

Catie is a lifelong seeker, and passionate about building connections across cultures and our global community. She comes to Theater For The Earth after a two-decade career in global consulting. She brings a full heart for nurturing the mission of Theater For The Earth, and “Mother Water and The Lost Prayers”. She offers important skills in development and production. Catie is a singer, a mother, a dreamer, a student, and speaks Spanish, French and Portuguese.


Guy Gaudette,

Guy Gaudette is a Certified Public Accountant with over 40 years experience in accounting, tax preparation and consulting.  Guy works closely with clients, in a variety of industries, to assist them in setting, monitoring and meeting their goals.  In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar and singing in his band, and also entertaining the folks at local nursing homes and assisted living facilities. A volunteer, Guy offers his services in support of Theater For The Earth.

Michael RichardWeb Development, Digital Media

I’ve been working in digital media since the nineties. Along the way, I’ve made time for three documentaries and worked with a lot of interesting businesses, schools, colleges, and non-profits. I believe in a strong visual impression. That is what the mind will process first. There is lots of new information out there about “saying more with less” these days. I totally agree. We are flooded with information. It’s hard to get people’s attention and equally as hard to keep it. Visuals and storytelling are my go-to.

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