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“There is perhaps nothing more important in our time than a clearer understanding of nature and destiny of the soul. The hymns of Hildegard von Bingen add a celestial feeling to the entire presentation. Most important, a deeper understanding of the feminine, which the play artfully conveys, is essential in bringing harmony and balance to our world.”

— Robert Atkinson, PHD. Center for the Study of Lives, University of Southern Maine

A Prayer for the Great Mother” is a multi-media visual and auditory treat, which captures the imagination with poetry, song, dance, and stunning costumes and masks. All is beautifully set off with the creative use of lighting and filmed projections in the background. It is a delightful hour of being transported into another realm!

— Mary Hepburn, Brunswick, Maine

“For a number of years I acted as the Touring Production Manager and Stage Manager for Veronica Sacred Arts traveling with this remarkable group under the direction of Frederica Chapman performing the Eastern coast of the U.S., and touring Ireland and Wales. I was fortunate to witness audiences of all forms personally moved as they experienced the stories, music and movement sprung from the creative imagination of Frederica and of this unique and outstanding ensemble.”

— Joseph A. Boucher, Concert Manager, Portland Symphony Orchestra, Maine

“I have been a cast member of Theater for the Earth for ten years under the direction of Frederica Chapman. Frederica is a calm but determined woman who does not rest until she creates what satisfies her. She willingly involves the opinions of the cast for trying anything that might work for the piece. For that reason we give everything of which we are capable…”

-Mary Blum, January 6, 2005

“I know Frederica to be an intrepid archeologist of the workings of the soul. With a kind of ferocious curiosity and a gentle spirit, she cultivates her unconscious life so as to enrich her conscious one with an integrated feminine sensibility. Ultimately, she is concerned with living and telling the truth that emerges in this trek – this process which often means bringing shape and form to a profundity of material for presentation and performance. To do this, she brings her most vulnerable and authentic self to the task through poetry, song and movement. In making such an intimate connection with herself, she courageously creates an extraordinary intimacy with her audience, igniting their hearts and stimulating their minds. ”

— Patricia Mulholland, Corporate Consultant & Voice Coach

“What struck me most about the performance was what was happening with me internally. At the beginning I was watching and trying to figure our what was happening with my intellect. It felt like a struggle. Then something changed. My intellect gave way and I began to experience the performance deep within. From then on, it was if I were in the performance and it was speaking to me about my life. I have a hunch that if I were to see this same performance at different times of my life, that it would speak to me as needed at those times.

— Susan Mullins, Pastor

“The performance of Veronica Sacred Theater is something I will hold in my heart forever. The cast were oblivious to the fact that we could do anything wrong, and we sang in Latin like Angels on high. I am so happy to have the honor of this experience of a lifetime. Their music will be with me forever.”

— Mary Lyons, Choir Participant, Veronica Sacred Theater, Cork Ireland

“What an honor and privilege to be in the company of two magnificent performers! I was overwhelmed by the artistry, intensity of the movement, and the voice of the performer. At the ending, I felt my heart was huge and my love of life blossoming.”

— Joe Wolfberg, M.S. University of New England

“With vitality and deep sensitivity, Frederica molds the rich resources of her imagination and spirit into a performance that touches universal images of nature in a fresh and personal way. Her unique combination of theatre, storytelling and dance creates an environment that is evocative and captivating.”

— Mary Ramsay, Master Teacher, Authentic Movement, Amherst, MA

“I am inspired and moved by Frederica’s absolute devotion and dedication to her mission. Over the years, I’ve witnessed her weaving her gentle magic, and engaging audiences and groups in simple, and profound ways. Frederica’s deep understanding of the creative process allows others to experience real change within themselves. She touches the humanity in us all.”

— Ann Quinlan, CEO, Spiral Journeys, Maine

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