A Song for Mother Water

“A primal call to remember, embrace, and understand our vital connection to the life-sustaining gift, that is water.”

“From the first production moments, “A Song for Mother Water” creates a gripping and plaintive plea for humanity to become more engaged stewards of the lifeblood of planet Earth: Water.”  Franz Nikolay

“A Song for Mother Water is an intricate, artistic, and extremely moving presentation of both the joys and the sufferings of water throughout the Earth.  A panoply of beautiful, interpretive dance and song mourns the tragedy of pollution and the joyful rebirth of purity.”  Susan Jane Stamm, West Hartford, CT

“The music was emotional and moving; the words powerful; the movements carefully supported the message and the interaction of the women artists was outstanding; making the production memorable, impactful and inspiring.”  Doreen Breen, Textile Artist & Designer, Morris, Connecticut 

Theater for the Earth endorses Codes For A Healthy Earth

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