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Theater for the Earth is a touring performance company of women dedicated to the healing of Earth and her waters. Theater For the Earth began its journey with celebrated performances at the UN’s World Children’s Day, 1990, United Nations Earth Summit in 1992, and the Parliament of the World’s Religions in 1993. An Intergenerational Company of performers ages 9-77, the company has since toured to churches in Ireland, Wales, The USA, to cathedrals such as, the Washington National Cathedral, and to venues in France, and our home state, New Hampshire.


Frederica Chapman, The Vessel Keeper, Author. Roots: Celtic, Ireland, Scotland, England

I am ever grateful to the dreams for urging me to let go of a profession in psychotherapy. By listening, and by calling out, I found the Sacred Feminine, my heart’s embrace. I made masks, story, chant and dance–I made theater and found my soul’s expression. Some of the shows I have written are: ”Dancing A Woman’s Story Of God”, “The Tree: Dreaming Fullness Into Being”, “The Princess, The Owl And The Waters Of The World.” “A Prayer For The Great Mother”, ‘Voices of the Wells”, “Une Histoire De La Spirale”, Former life experiences as a Jungian psychotherapist, dream journalist, Masters-prepared mental health nurse, sound healer, actor, author, grandmother, and yoga practitioner had prepared me for the job. Now I write, direct, produce, and perform for international conferences, churches, cathedrals, and universities. What concerns me now is clarifying my soul’s purpose, and whatever I can do to brighten the soul of the world.


Masks of Nature conceived while I lived at the Findhorn Community in Scotland had our company invited to The Parliament of the World’s Religions, Chicago, 1991, and the  United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, 1992. …Theater For The Earth was born.


Hilary Melcher Chapman, Director Choreography.  Roots: the Gaels of Scotland & Ireland; England, Wales

Listening with land spirits as a child living in Scotland taught me to dance life with an open heart. Since 2012 with LAVA: a feminist acrobatic dance company, I have been performer, collaborator, teacher, touring artist, and student of NVC. Recent works include aerial silks collaborations: feda, Coexist, future ghosts at NACL, Undertones at the Deep Water Literary Festival; LAVA’s A Goddessey & Equinox-Solstice; and outdoor musicDance shows with CryTheMoon. In 2006 I received a BA from Sarah Lawrence College in dance and creative writing. I toured with Theater for the Earth as a teen, performing and leading women’s rituals in Ireland, Wales and at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. My passion for emboldening bodies to move with sound, breath, and deep presence in the moment is how I continue to step into alignment with the spirit of life.

Zwaantje De Vries

Zwaantje De Vries, Director Voice, Cast. Roots: Indonesia, the Netherlands

Sitting on a dune top, with my father. Looking out over the sea in silence only sounds of waves. A long time with no words and then my father said; “This is also praying.” Silence again. “If later in life, you can share this with others you will know that all is well.” I was about 8 years old around 1960. The core of my “being”, professionally and privately, is to share this experience that I felt on the dune top of my youth. I thank my guides, who walked along with me, crossing internal and external borders, through voice, dance, performing, directing, lecturing at universities, choreographing, acting, healing, writing, and practicing shamanistic wisdom in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Turkey, and Greece. An impressive list of activities and jobs, but it says nothing about what moves me. Frederica Chapman’s invitation to join ‘A Song for Mother Water’, responds to the call from my heart to contribute and pray.
Praying is dancing with your feet and singing with your voice. And … being in silence, seeing the sunset from a dune top…. that is also praying.


Patrícia Herdeiro, Cast. Roots: Very Portuguese, Portugal

For me Water is a mirror of Life’s Consciousness, it has been coming to me, through poems and songs. I’m from Portugal, an educator, therapist, facilitator and artist. As a therapist I work with “Quantum Being” and give intuitive healing sessions with energized water blessings, reiki and singing. I’ve been bringing water to the altars, ceremonies and women circles, inviting connection with this ancient, mysterious element. As an educator, I bring to children the “Letters of Love to the Water” teaching how we take care of mother earth.
I co-organized “Ser Água – Gathering for Water Consciousness”, a “March for the Water” asking for environmental actions regarding the protection of our forests and water bodies. I am launching “Water Guardians – Menstruating and Regenerating“ for awareness of the impact of discardable menstrual products on our planetary waters. I am delighted to be invited to be part of the co-creation “A Song For Mother Water”, and give voice to the Rivers, the vessels of our mother earth.


Gabriela Laham, Administrative Assistant. Roots: Lebanon, Syria, Argentinian Jew 

I come to Theater For The Earth from my country of Argentina. I have travelled to many places–to China, Turkey, many European and Latin American countries, and speak many languages. I love different cultures–I love connecting with different peoples. I am a master massage therapist, healer, Life Coach, and hold a B.A. in Education. I have decades of experience leading energy healing, and movement groups. Recently, I felt ready for something new. When I learned about Frederica’s work, I really liked it. I was inspired. I realized I could channel my energy for the nurturance of Mother Earth and all her peoples. It was a true direction for what I valued. It felt right to work toward gathering intercultural women dancers/actors to create a “world woman” to speak for the feminine in all people. It is exciting to imagine making theater and celebrating our planet’s water!


Lilian Pipkin, Storyteller, Cast.  Roots: Jewish, Ukraine, Morocco, Venezuela, Argentina

The vision of World Women co-creating  “A Song For Mother Water”, with sounds, and poetry, to address the need for taking care of water draws me to be involved! I am a storyteller. How did I become one? Maybe it was the influence of my aunt Estrella, who traveled to far countries and brought me back old stories of kings and queens, or perhaps from Morocco, from my mother’s ancestors, or from Ukraine from my father side. Maybe growing up in Argentina, or living in Venezuela. I do know that I love to tell old folk stories from around the world from my heart to the heart of the audience. I have 30 years of managerial experience in corporate finance and human resources, collaborating and simplifying processes. I’m a member of the National Storyteller Association Healing Storyteller Association, and Florida Storytelling Association. I teach and tell stories wherever I can.

gabriela laham

Monique Robinson, Cast. Roots: The Caribbean islands of Jamaica and Cuba, West Africa, and the United States of America

I am a multi-hyphenated artivist and healer, who uses the art of storytelling as a way to hold space for others. I believe that where there is water, there is life. Therefore by default, water is political. And as an artist, how can I not be an advocate for those who need access to it the most? Through the powerful story of “A Song for Mother Water,” I aspire to create provocative & compassionate spiritual theatre that truly forces us to look at our complicity/ ignorance when it comes to environmental injustice. Regionally, I have been blessed to perform at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and Shakespeare & Company. My on screen work can be seen on Netflix, PBS, TV Land, and CBS. I proudly hold a B.A. in Theatre and Government at Smith College and a M.F.A. in acting from the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Washington.


Corina Robinson, Poet. Roots: black, Mexican-American. 

I am a spoken word poet from Oak Park, IL. I began writing poetry at the age of 11. Now, 12 years later, I continue to do so with a passion. The environment around me shapes my work which I developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and where I earned degrees in Psychology and Environmental Studies. I am the former Executive Director of The JVN Project for youth arts, A current resident of Chicago,  I am the Communications Manager at a large hunger relief organization. This poem, A Love Poem to Water, expresses my awe and gratitude for one of the most abundant resources on our planet. One of our first relationships with nature is through water, and I feel it is important to highlight, particularly as part of A Song for Mother Water.


Ilonka N. Sjak-Shie, Cast.  Roots: Diverse lineages include: Dutch-Jewish, German, West-African, Chinese, Caribbean Indigenous, and Spanish.

Chindia Ilonka I am a visionary change-maker and master coach committed to catalyzing global transformation. I empower conscious visionary leaders and change-makers to embrace inspired living and lead from their soul essence, thereby unleashing unparalleled effectiveness and impact. My forthcoming book, “Quantum Rebel,” is intentionally crafted to accelerate the growth of courageous souls who are awakening–particularly visionary leaders with the heart and vision to uplift themselves and the world. The profound resonance of this mission draws me to “A Song For Mother Water.”  I recognize its potential to inspire visionary world policymakers to establish universal access to clean water as a fundamental human right.


Felicia Steriti – Smith, Cast. Roots: Italy, P.E.I

My work as a yoga instructor, energy worker, wellness coach, personal trainer, hairstylist, and business owner has led me to working with and teaching my clients about the energy body and how it teaches us that we are one with each other, the universe, the earth, the stars, the mountains, and water–everything! And so, when we take care of and nurture Nature, we in turn, nurture each other and ourselves… Simultaneously. This is why when Frederica called me with a proposal to be involved in this incredibly meaningful project bringing attention to Nature, water, and thereby ourselves, I could not say no! Federica’s vision and talents stir my soul and call me to sing! It is a great honor and I am delighted to be included as a cast member in A Song For Mother Water!

Support Team

Michael Richard, Web Development, Digital Media

I’ve been working in digital media since the nineties. Along the way, I’ve made time for three documentaries and worked with a lot of interesting businesses, schools, colleges, and non-profits. I believe in a strong visual impression. That is what the mind will process first. There is lots of new information out there about “saying more with less” these days. I totally agree. We are flooded with information. It’s hard to get people’s attention and equally as hard to keep it. Visuals and storytelling are my go-to.

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