A Song For Mother Water, Our Story

Thank you for your interest in our work. Today, billions of people are without clean drinking water, Imagine! The United Nations and other organizations are working to address the crisis. Our vision is to take A Song for Mother Water to world conferences on water where policymakers experience the power of multicultural women speaking and singing for water. For this to succeed, we require sponsors. Please contact us at info@theaterfortheearth.org

My name is Frederica, I am the creator and director of Theater for the Earth, established in 1992. I have long held the vision to gather a cast of multicultural women to perform for world conferences urging clean water for all people.

In the Fall and Winter of 2023 -2024, I sought out women whom I believed would become powerful players in A Song For Mother Water. Over the months, I contacted many women. Most came by following leads, and by grace; one came as an instruction from the dream world. They are all artists, and have a sparkle-in-the-eye, passion for the Earth, and a sense of the spiritual.

In November 2023, at our first online meeting, each woman chose a body of water with which to work. Over the winter, she developed a relationship with her chosen body-Pond, River, Rain, Ocean-through practices of visiting, questioning and listening. Out of these practices, inspired by the waters, deeply felt songs and poems came– of anger, of mourning (for the pollution and degradation), joy, and desire to be clean again. Having connection with the waters, the women’s expressions are full of passion.

Remarkably, water has taught us all that her spirit is both sentient and loving.

The cast met in person for the first time on April 6th, 2024 in Sandwich, New Hampshire in a blizzard-born power outage. With movement and vocal coaching from Hilary Melcher Chapman from New York, and Zwaantje DeVries from the Netherlands, A Song For Mother Water was created and her world premiere was performed on April 12 & 13! You will see by the reviews that our audiences have been deeply moved, and inspired to change their attitudes and daily actions. One woman, after seeing the show said to me, “People will listen. It’s impossible not to.”

I am deeply grateful for this extraordinary cast of women, and the community who has supported our beginnings,


A Song For Mother Water

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! When I heard the bodies of water cry out in pain and wonder why we Humans had bestowed such damage upon them, I cried with them and for them. I took solace in the fact that Mother Water was there when they cried. Often times, that’s what Mothers do. They listen and console even in times of of despair. A Song for Mother Water and these amazing women will change the world. If this planet is to survive, we have no choice but to listen to their call for help. Thank You Mother Water, for sustaining my life. I owe you more than I’ve given.
Lea Steriti

I had the privilege of spending a week with the visionary women behind the creation of A Song for Mother Water. This diverse and accomplished group of women, each a standout in her respective field, collaborated to deliver a moving message to the community. Their collective expertise ensured that their voices echoed profoundly, articulating a message rich in emotion, mirroring the fluidity of water. This impactful narrative touched upon themes of desolation, optimism, and urgency, underscoring the vital role of water in shaping our world, both visibly and invisibly, and its intrinsic ties to every facet of our existence.

The performance was not only accessible but deeply personal…

Serving as advocates for water, they recounted the Earth’s tales, beckoning us to engage in a profound dialogue on water—a departure from the customary themes in local theater. Their seamless teamwork was evident, rendering the message relatable and compelling. The performance was not only accessible but deeply personal, with each woman’s contribution captivating the audience through spoken and unspoken words, songs, movements, dances, and poignant moments of silence.

The stage design was visually striking, featuring a palette of water hues, including captivating shades of blue, white, green, and earth tones in the costumes. The simple yet impactful design, with its shimmering blue waves, held my undivided attention.

The performance evoked a spectrum of emotions within me, igniting a newfound determination to delve deeper, take purposeful action, and challenge my role in ensuring equitable access to clean water. These extraordinary women are not just artists; they are catalysts for change, destined for global platforms to enlighten and inspire action through their artistry.
Erica Boynton, Event planner, Tamworth, NH, US

I was blown away by the talent!

I was blown away by the talent! A very powerful show with such a vital message that really touches your heart and soul. I was moved to tears. Such an incredible production!
Maria Steriti

From the first production moments, “A Song for Mother Water” creates a gripping and plaintive plea for humanity to become more engaged stewards of the lifeblood of planet Earth: Water. It is fitting that the evocative cast is made up of women from all corners of the world. Creators of life themselves, who better to make the case for caring and nurturing the lifegiving properties of water than women themselves?

Besides the grand matriarch of Mother Water, the small cast of women represent four bodies of water: oceans, rain, rivers and lakes. With inventive costuming, poetry, wordless song, and movement, the characters exude a full range of dynamic expression that draws in the audience with emotional intent and purpose. This production demands our involvement and active attention, in our human capacity to feel, through intuitive connection and compassion.
We are shown that water, in all forms, is under great stress and demonstrated visceral pain. And throughout the course of events, we come to realize that each of us is responsible to make small additive corrections to our cultural course to correct the ecological path of humanity, for the good of life. The commitment need is made clear in this production. The hope and vision it requires to lead through action, has to first emerge from the heart, and we are directed to listen and act.

This production demands our involvement and active attention….

This troupe of players’ emotive power derives from their persuasive ability to exercise the fullest range of dramatic expression, using voice, silence, movement, and staging. Its power is riveting and raw, yet deeply reflective and nuanced too. The production relies on individual improvisation capabilities, as well as a moving, scripted form. It showcases each woman’s personal interpretation of their character’s embodied essence and contribution. And through that personal connection, a universal statement is forged with a compelling and relatable precision.

Many kudos to Frederica Chapman and her diverse cast for bringing this experience forward, at a crucial and imperative time for action. It’s a primal call to remember, embrace, and understand our vital connection to the life-sustaining power, soul, and fragile nourishing gift, that is water.
Franz C. Nicolay, Artist/Educator

A Song for Mother Water is an intricate, artistic, and extremely moving presentation of both the joys and the sufferings of water throughout the Earth. A panoply of beautiful, interpretive dance and song mourns the tragedy of pollution and the joyful rebirth of purity. The performers displayed their deep commitment to the cause of clean water, both in their graceful and passionate dancing and in their stunning song and verse. Written and co-directed by Frederica Chapman and produced by the Theater for the Earth in North Conway, New Hampshire, A Song for Mother Earth challenges the spirit with an awareness of danger and the jubilation of healing.
Susan Jane Stamm, West Hartford, CT

On April 13, 2024, I attended an inspiring, authentic and deeply moving performance of “A Song for Mother Water”, authored and co-directed by Frederica Chapman, who also played the title role. The show was produced by Theater for the Earth and featured an amazing cast of international women artists who thoroughly and with great emotions embraced their roles as forms of water.
The performance opened with an outstanding storyteller (Lilian Pipkin of Argentina/Venezuela) who beautifully pulled us into the story line. The individual performances of the artists representing the forms of water were strong, original, deeply moving and heart felt. The creation of their individual messages, and in their native language made me very aware of their passion, knowledge and understanding of the global issues regarding water.

we can be the change and we can make a difference……

The final scene with Frederica as Mother Water brought a sense of strength, hope and for me, knowing that “we can be the change and we can make a difference.
The music was emotional and moving; the words powerful; the movements carefully supported the message and the interaction of the women artists was outstanding; making the production memorable, impactful and inspiring. Accolades and standing ovations!
Doreen Breen,Textile Artist & Designer, Morris, Connecticut

Actor in A Song For Mother Water, Felicia Steriti plays “Pond”
I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Frederica Chapman and be a part of her remarkable vision. This project has been an absolute honor and a true gift. Every step of the way, collaborating with the talented cast and crew has been an experience that will forever hold a special place in my heart. The level of commitment, passion, and love displayed by everyone involved has been truly inspiring.

Frederica’s innate wisdom and guidance have been instrumental in shaping this project. She trusted each of us to bring our unique perspectives and ideas to the table, fostering a spirit of collaboration that allowed for the seamless coming together of all the elements. I am immensely proud of the collective effort and the impact we have made.

This project carries an incredibly powerful message that resonates with audiences. It is a testament to the dedication and talent of everyone involved. I am grateful to be part of a united force that has brought this vision to life.”
Felicia Steriti

A Song for Mother Water is a captivating performance that engages individuals on a deeper level

Frederica and the cast do a wonderful job challenging the status quo of the current environmental state through artistry and musicality. I learned so much about the impact society is having on various elements of water (Rain, River, Ocean, and Pond). The work succeeds in delivering its message but goes further to allow moments of connection with each actress. With such a diverse cast, there are moments where you can feel the individual bringing pieces of themselves to the role, which makes A Song for Mother Water feel like a moment of connection with different cultures along with providing commentary on the environment.
Kiisha – Advisor, University South Carolina

A Song for Mother Water is a captivating performance that engages individuals on a deeper level about how their lived experiences connect with the environment. While the beauty and importance of water is undeniable, the performance highlights humanity’s current reckless nature and presents an alternative mindset to lead us down a more environmentally conscious road.
Dylan, Equity Research Analyst

Attending the recent theater performance was a heartfelt journey that not only showcased the incredible talent of the performers but also conveyed a passionate message to me. The dedication and energy of the performers was admirable, bringing to life an important story that I needed to hear.
Mary Phelps, Owner, The Preserve Inn, Chocorua New Hampshire

A Song for Mother Water” was deeply moving and touched within me, a raw, desperate desire to bring into global awareness, all that our Mother Water brings to us…life itself, and all that we have done to dishonor this precious gift. I have not stopped thinking about both the suffering and the celebration of hope as, one by one, we are invited to reconnect and remember that which is our true essence. You cannot witness this extraordinary presentation without being forever changed and inspired.
Joyce St. Germaine, Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Artist

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